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Extermination: noun killing, especially of a whole group of people or animals. synonyms: killing, murder, assassination, putting to death, doing to death, execution, dispatch, slaughter, massacre, genocide; More complete destruction. That's what we were dealing with. No one would believe it. Rowan Clark lives through it. Surviving natural disaster, street gangs and having a backbone of steel when it comes to a witty, annoying ex-navy soldier. -------- "What's he looking at?" Questioned Alexis, putting her face against the glass door of the bus, squinting at the scared bus driver that just sat in his chair gazing out of the window. His facial expression almost seemed dead, or stunned. Aidan quickly caught on to the suspicious situation. Aidan turned his gaze in the same direction the bus driver was facing. Panic flooded his veins as the ground began to rumble. Buildings were moving back and forth like rag dolls being thrown around. Screams echoed as teenagers ran for their lives. --------------------- "Get out of my Shed you dick!" She screams, wildly flailing her arms at the infuriating boy. The boy grins and Rowan and sidesteps out of the door, snatching an apple from the fruit bowl as he went. "Give that back! That is mine!" She chases him out the door and try reach for the apple he is holding above his head. "Come on wildcat jump a little higher," he sniggers, Rowan growls in frustration and shoves him with with her hands, he stumbles back, not expecting the strength of the shove. He gasps, catching his breath, she sweep her legs in a wide arc, knocking him of his feet so he falls flat on his back, "bitch," he gasps, winded. Rowan stares at him showing no emotion or mercy, "come on wildcat, can you just give me a break," he looks up at her with his dark brown eyes as if to beg. She frowns at the nickname and in her anger she punches him in the face, knocking him out cold.


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