Adopted || #1
By AshNinja223
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"Earth to Carter... what are you looking at?" Ryan asked, waving a hand in front of my face. Then looked back to see what I was looking at. "Why are you looking at Nate Berkeley?" "We're kinda friends now. So, you don't have to go all 'over protective brother' on me." I sighed, and ate a bite of my ice cream. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, wait until you find a boyfriend." Ryan said, a smirk lingering his face. ~ Adopted by a family where I have 9 older brothers might be good, right? Wrong. You don't get any privacy, there is constantly someone in the bathrooms and the house smells sometimes. But when I get bullied, there is always someone apologizing to me the next day. And of course there is that problem about dating. If you hadn't already noticed, they're very overprotective. So you probably figured out that they won't let me. And you're right. And now, the person I like might want to run because if my brothers find out, I don't even know what they'd do. *CURRENTLY EDITING* || Ranked #3 in Romance 4.12.19 || || Ranked #3 in brothers 3.28.19 || || Ranked #2 in Adopted 4.17.19/5.17.19 ||

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by AshNinja223