The arranged deal
By A_girlyke
  • Romance
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  • cold
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  • heir
  • lust
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As a way to pay for her uncles debt while she still hunts for the man who murdered her parents, Valentina Martinez, the twenty year old orphaned leader of the American mafia is forced into the life of the twenty-six year old cold and ruthless heir of the Italian mafia, Antonio Morreti. As both of them ruled their own dangerous worlds, they're both enforced into a marriage neither of them wanted, paying off the debt of Valentina's uncle and bringing both the Italian and American mafia into an alliance. Will they manage to say their "I do's" on their wedding day or will it all come crashing down before they're forced to tie the knot? -Contains strong language, violence and suggestive scenes-

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The arran...
by A_girlyke