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‪In the land of Artistica, trouble is brewing between the great houses of the realm. Julián has the perfect life as Prince of Attrais. This gets even better when he meets Princess Veronika, the granddaughter of the King and Queen of Literaya. When war erupts because the neighboring monarchs believe their form of art is better than the rest, Julián and Veronika must unite with the princes and princesses of the other three kingdoms to convince their parents and the rest of the nobility that war can be avoided. But will they succeed and prevent the extinction of magic in Artistica forever?‬ ‪Artistica is a story of finding yourself, but it is also a story of family, friendship, and love, no matter what. ‬ The beautiful cover is made by @Sinadana. Check out her cover shop on the forums. Thank you to my wonderful editor @Athena-Cullen-Reads for all her help with editing Artistica. She truly did an amazing job. Started: 2 of August 2019


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