Guns & Roses.
By nasvanally
  • Romance
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  • death
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  • revenge
  • romance
  • roses
  • secrets
  • teen
  • youngadult


Rose Martinez - a girl who has been living a lie for the past 21 years. Her real identity is Rose Romano Russo, a daughter of Lorenzo Russo - the ex-biggest mafia leader. Also, the last heir who is to inherent trillions of dollars and properties from her great grandfather who created I fratelli Del sangue (The Blood Brothers). Dominic Russo is the current leader of I fratelli Del sangue, a dangerous, heartless and stone cold man. He has been keeping an eye on Rose for a long time.... Something people believe, only thing is he does not understand is when he seen Rose 21 years ago when she was born, he remembered her glistening brown sparkling eyes. However, Rose now has bright blue eyes. Rose is been protected, protected from a person named Meir who wants to marry her and inherent the power of becoming number one in the mafia world - the Italian mafia world. Nevertheless, one question lays ahead, WHO is the real Rose Romano Russo?


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Guns &...
by nasvanally