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By wingedalpha
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Crystal Kunz, the only human with wings in the entire world, was flying home when she is shot with a tranquilizer dart, causing her to crash land. When she becomes clearly aware of herself again, she's still different from everybody else, and it causes her to become under more scrutiny then she would've liked. ~~~¥~~~ ~This is a fanfiction based off of @CrystalScherer's work Upon Wings of Change. It is a different perspective view of the same story so some sections will be the same as the original as Tasha and Crystal will be experiencing the same things at the same time in the beginning~ ~Also the main character's name has nothing to do with the author of the original work, it's just that Crystal is my go-to OC character name~ ~cover pic found on Google; cover made by me with desygner~

Chapter 1

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Upon Feat...
by wingedalpha