The waters choice
By COTwild
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It was a family trip, although Ryan couldn't come because of school work everything was going great The sun was shinning, the water was calm and the air was clean. Luke hadn't expected for it to take such a sharp turn. Luke also didn't expect to wake up on some island with some strange man leaning over him. ~ The island was his home and he was the soon to be leader of his people. Joone was who everyone went to for wisdom, even when the young adult wanted nothing more then to swim in the ocean with the seals and dolphins. During a early morning patrol joon comes across something strange, it was a man like any other from the village. Except he was burned red and he wore strange clothing. Joon approached him and jumped when the man made a noise. He was dying, that was obvious. He knew he should get his father but something seemed to prevent him from doing so. Instead, he took the man out of the strange thing and brought him to his cottage on the outskirts of town.


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The water...
by COTwild