LA Nights >>...
By TamiaDemarest
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She bumps into a drunken crowd of friends laughing their asses off and ends up meeting somebody in particular...little did Lauren know that one day he'd be a huge impact on her life... David and I stare off at the view above LA; the lights shining and twinkling in the flat distance, the soft wind blowing in our hairs. We swung back and forth slowly in the rusted swing set David found. He says ever since he found this rusted, old swing set, he comes up here for when he has a lot on his mind. Tonight was one of those nights... David breathes in and catches my attention. I look at him and give him a small smile as he looks at me. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "Huh? Nothing." He shakes his head. Since I met David, I've found myself noticing the littlest things he does. For example, when something is bothering him, his shoulders are up to his ears and he gets jittery. "Somethings wrong, I can tell." I say. "Seriously? How?" He chuckles. I drop a brow, giving him a playful smirk. "Don't change the subject, Dobrik." I say. He looks up and clears his throat, then finally looking at me. "I know that I ,as a person, am flawed, I make everything hard on my friends, I torture my friends, I torture you and I'm sometimes a huge asshole or a douche in general. I buy unnecessary things and I chew with my mouth open like a cow...anyways...when I'm with you, Lauren, it just makes me feel as if you don't see my flaws. As if in your eyes I'm the most perfect guy to you and it makes me feel amazing inside. And it makes me feel so happy and warm and gushy inside that you think of me like that." My face turns red...he read the note on my desk! "I'm just gonna say it...I really, really like you. Maybe more than that. And I know you may not feel the same way-" Before I could stop myself, I found myself jumping up and kissing him. . . Published: 3/5/19 Completed:


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LA Nights...
by TamiaDemarest