Childhood Pals
By DanversFrost35
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"A boy from Daxam and a girl from Krypton." Daxamites and Kryptonians have been at war for years. The only thing they share is a red sun. One day, Alura (In-Ze) Zor-El and her husband, leaders of Krypton, offer a deal to the Daxamites. They would meet up first on Krypton, where they would stay for a few days, before the Kryptonians would do the same on Daxam. The Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand of Krypton agreed to it, signing off the deal and ending with a handshake. This is where our story begins. A 13-year-old Kara Zor-El was called to the serious meeting to entertain the playful Prince of Daxam. When she brought him to her room, he made fun of her and ordered her around. Kara was annoyed at him, and stormed off to her "secret garden". Mon-El sneaked after her, where he was pleasantly surprised. He fell for her, but never told her. When the two planets had made peace, she never saw Mon-El again. When Krypton was on the brink of destruction, Kara was sent to Earth with Kal-El, her cousin, but like the original story, she was knocked into the Phantom Zone. When Krypton was destroyed, Daxam went along with it, the red sun collapsing into both planets. Mon-El escaped, in a Daxamite Pod, to the nearest safe planet, Earth. He, too, was knocked into the Phantom Zone, landing in the prison of Fort Rozz. When Kara's pod got loose, his did too, but they landed at two completely different places altogether. When they meet, will their friendship turn into something more or will the spark that Mon-El had burn out? Will a certain girl from Saturn ruin everything? Will Kara believe that he was the boy she met so many years ago or will she think he is one of the prisoners her mother had put in Fort Rozz? AU in which they had known each other. Everything else is the same. Disclaimer: I only own the plot. Everything else belongs to the CW and DC Comics. Cover credit: LordMesa Art

Prologue: The Meeting

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by DanversFrost35