The Kings
By Phaserous
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After John was expelled from New Bostin, Fierzza always watched out for his brother, John Doe. When John destroys his middle school classmates and was deemed uncontrolled he went to the Readjustment Factory. After John returned however he went to the prestigious school, Wellston High. Now Fierzza has to watch John, just like his dad said. John is unpredictable. Yet he can be predictable if you know so much about him. So now, Fierzza and John goes to Wellston High, where John enters as a cripple and Fierzza enters as a ability user. Yet even though John is a cripple.. Will Wellston High go down the same path as John's old school? Or will there be another path? A story of Kings and Queens, falling and coming back up, and finding a purpose after everything that happened. Rankings Reached: #4 in Seraphina #6 in Isen #9 in Blyke #13 in Arlo #92 in battle #4 in webtoon #11 in unordinary #3 in wellston #25 in abilities #23 in Claire #6 in Remi #8 in Elaine #2 in hierarchy #1 in Sera


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The Kings
by Phaserous