Send Your Rain
By taralkariel
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The Resistance is rebuilding after the escape from Crait. Rey has shouldered the mantle of being the Last Jedi when she feels a pull from the Force to search for a Jedi artifact. Poe, Finn, and Rose are working on a plan to bring down the First Order from the inside when they get a mysterious message about their enemy's whereabouts. Being Supreme Leader isn't going exactly how Kylo Ren expected and he is rethinking his place in the galaxy. General Hux brings in the Knights of Ren to hunt down the Last Jedi and to convince them to depose their master. Space action-adventure drama with a sentimental ending, POV alternating, Episode IX spec fic

Almost Thought We Made It Home, But We Don't Know This Place at All

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Send Your...
by taralkariel