Her Guarded Heart
By dreamaquarius
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Scarlett Jenson is one complicated girl. Nobody can understand her in the way she wants to be understood, and that gives her a hard time opening up to others. Plus being different, she often feel like an outcast at her school. But being different from everyone else is what caught a specific boys attention - James Crawford. This popular boy can't help but be intoxicated by her beauty and mysterious personality, and with Scarlett being shy and closed in, she tries to escape his charm. But eventually, James breaks her walls and endures her chaos and Scarlett tries to fight it until his love consumes her whole. ------- His soft hand cupped the side of my face, but feeling flustered at his touch, I pushed him away. "Don't." I warned James who stood farther away, dumbfounded at my gesture. "Why?" "I just...I don't understand you, James," I finally admitted. I couldn't figure him out, and that terrified me. "You don't understand? It's quite simple, really. I lo-'' "No! Don't say it. Please...don't." If he says it, everything changes. All these emotions I've tried so hard to push away would all come back and haunt me. I can't feel this way. But he ignored my pleas. Once again he cupped the side of my face, but for some reason I didn't stop him. James gently kissed my forehead. "I love you, Scarlett." Those four words and the empires I built to protect me from getting hurt, in a matter of seconds, started to crumble. Highest rank: 2020 #1 teenagers 01/31 2021 #16 romance 02/08 #1 inlove 03/19

Chapter 1 - Introduction

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Her Guard...
by dreamaquarius