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Markus is captain of the football team. He is the golden boy which equals good grades,perfect hair and popularity.He's Rich,smart and good looking,all the girls would kill for him but he's been with his been faithful to his girlfriend for 2 years. Markus doesn't have problem with anyone...but Hunter. Hunter is Captain of the Basketball team. He is Bad, unpredictable and will sleep with anything moving.Unlike Markus all the teachers despise him and he's never committed to anything but Pornhub. He's everyone favourite player and can get any girl to fall desperately in love with him. Hunter can't stand a lot of things but especially can't stand Markus or as he likes to call Barbie Everyone is sick and tired of Markus and Hunter always fighting so the Principle comes up with an idea that will force Markus and Hunter to finally work together instead of trying to murder each other every chance they get. Now their worlds are colliding like never before will it be for the better or for the worst? ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ : Sex and drug use! ALSO THIS IS GAY BOOK MEANING BOY ON BOY IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT DON'T READ !!

Intro vs characters

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