A Little Hope
By sleepystarr
  • Romance
  • abuse
  • bullying
  • cgl
  • daddy
  • depression
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  • littlespace
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  • regression
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Savannah is a girl who has lost everything. Her mother, her friends, and even her best friend who she just happened to be in love with. All she is left with is a bully and an abusive father. Sebastian is a boy who has pushed everything away. His family, his friends, and even the girl who stirs his soul in his school. All is he left with is broken memories and loneliness. When the two clash, their worlds collide. Suddenly, Sebastian is introduced to the world of sippy cups and stuffies and Savannah is introduced to the world of safety and happiness. Their hearts begin to skip a beat, but it's not without problems. Their relationship is real, but that's what love is. It's real. It's not somebody who has no flaws or is your version of perfection. Even caregivers are human and so are littles. Savannah and Sebastian find this out soon enough but they discover that all the hardships they go through is what makes each other love each other a thousand times stronger. // Not your typical littlespace book :) // tw// sexual abuse, substance abuse, bullying, depression

1. Don't Leave Me Behind

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A Little...
by sleepystarr