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By PanicAtTheAttack
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In Phi, you don't get a choice. You fight and you kill until it kills you. After running from the only home she'd ever known, Cassie is out to get revenge. In the sunny streets of Rome, she attempts to forget her past and focus on one thing only. Kill the woman who killed her team. When Andrew's mentor refuses to show for their usual meeting, he uncovers a dangerous secret that threatens to make him one thing he never wanted to be. A liar. Her mother's death left her in a wheelchair, but it didn't take away her spirit. Diana may be physically unable to fight, but she won't stop. Not until she makes her mother's dreams come true and becomes an A-list assassin. Being stuck in North Carolina with a jail sentence hanging over your head if you return to Europe, Chloe is forced to fight. She never wanted to kill , but when the world has showed you how cruel men can be, how one mistake can ruin you, you don't get to run away. Bill's only friend in the last two years was a beer bottle and his only sibling 6ft under. If he was even given a proper funeral at all. When these five people cross paths and are put to work together to stop M. Corp. from using newly emerged weapons against them, Squad 6 is fighting for much more then they bargained for. Five trained assassins, five stories, five personalities. One battle. Survival. Hang a few secrets around the room, shove some feelings and guilt under that expensive red carpet and call it a night... More like a nightmare. ~*~ "Imagine having a team where one person is dead, one's on drugs, one is drunk, one disabled, one a double-agent and one detached from reality." "That's a set of very unfortunate circumstances." "I'd beg to differ."

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Squad 6 |...
by PanicAtTheAttack