The 100 Season 6 fa...
By kirk_land
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My take on what might happen in season 6 of the 100. Contains ships like Bellarke, Zaven, Kabby, and probably a few others that might come as a surprise (hint hint, wink wink). This is not based on my other fanfiction Season 5 Rewritten. This is based on the happenings of the season 5 that we got. I did some research into what will happen, but they haven't given that much information. So it's mostly from my own creative mind. I probably won't update every day like my other fanfic Season 5 Rewritten (go read it, it's completed) because these chapters are longer and I'm actually creating a completely original plot this time! (well, almost completely original) Plot is mine, but all other rights go to the creators of the tv show the 100.

Chapter 1- The Planet With Two Suns

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The 100 S...
by kirk_land