Upon Flights of Fan...
By IcePhoenixWrites
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*Unfinished* Noelle didn't ever want to harm anyone. Despite basically living her whole life in a dojo, she's pretty open to ideas and despises picking fights. Until one day, she is kidnapped from her own home, and (apparently) sent to Area 51. Most "Upon Wings of Change" readers will by now think, "Oh! She's going to wake up in the lab!" But Noelle is a different story. She hatches directly after the rest of the dragonets have escaped the lab, and, with her new dragonet friend, Scarlet, is lost in this new world of white aliens and (eventually) Kymari. Will she ever reunite with the rest of her kind? Or will her flights of fantasy stay just as they are, a work of fiction? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This story was inspired by "Upon Wings Of Change," which was written by @CrystalScherer. All details about this world and the creatures living in it are all Crystal Scherer's ideas. However, the plot and (most of) the characters belong to me.

Chapter 1

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Upon Flig...
by IcePhoenixWrites