Heartless [ TaeJin...
By AdorablyJinBiased
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An unplanned pregnancy amidst a fleeting tryst is the final incendiary in setting aflame the illicit relationship between Taehyung and Seokjin; two lovers from completely different worlds. It's the ultimate trial, for Kim Taehyung unexpectedly chooses their unborn child over the pursuit of his dreams; resolved in giving it all up for the child he never new he wanted and the one he never expected to fall so deeply in love with. Sadly, the same could not be said for Kim Seokjin, who came to the daunting realization that he wanted nothing to do with either as he heartlessly left behind the one he swore he loved, for a future that held no restrain. Fast forward eight years, to the reappearance of his ex-lover; where a jaded Taehyung will stop at nothing in order to make the one who broke his heart suffer. Kim Taehyung will stop at nothing; even if he has to single handedly dismantle the perfect family his ex has built with someone other than himself. By his hand, Jeon Seokjin will experience the acerbity of true heartlessness. ______________________________________________________ "This means nothing, you mean nothing, absolutely nothing." The insatiable, covetous alpha, stresses callously; jostling the sinfully curvaceous, tear stained omega against the wall, as the profound penetration continues relentlessly. The strangled moans escaping from that lusciously parted mouth do nothing to stifle the lascivious need to possess the other. The omega's nails imbed into the tautness of his back, those tear filled eyes roll back as he presses brutally deeper into that deliciously contracting warmth. "I hate you." The omega sniffles, no longer resisting the immense pleasure coursing through his conquered form as he releases between them with a high pitched moan. The alpha smirks maliciously, seeking his own completion as he takes it from the spent omega ruthlessly. "The feeling's mutual sweetheart; I no longer want to possess that heartless soul of yours."

His Premise

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by AdorablyJinBiased