Angel (Bnha x Male...
By KawaiiItsumi2
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(Y/N) is a powerful boy who want's to become a hero and to make his parents happy and proud. He is the only child in the family. He is an only family left because, his father had passed away when he was very young, but the reason why he passed was because he was in a car accident. Now for (Y/N) mother, she had died 4 years ago because she was killed by a villain while saving other people. After she died she became a spirit and same with (Y/N) father. Both of them were amazing parents. Will (Y/N) reach is one and only goal? Will he make his parents the happiest people in heaven or find something else? I do not own My Hero Academia characters. This is my first time writing a hope you like it๐Ÿ’• THIS MAY CONTAIN SLOW UPDATES CAUSE OF SCHOOL...........!

Character Info

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Angel (Bn...
by KawaiiItsumi2