Shadow Lights and t...
By Rita_Marga
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Argos goes to Evergreen, the human world, to find Prince Elijah, the exiled Prince of Shadow Lights and keeper of the Chronicles of Light, the book that can save the Luceres, descendants of the Nephelim, from their evil king. But Prince Elijah has long been dead, and the book is missing. Left with no choice, Argos turns to Prince Elijah's half-Lucere, half-human grandchildren, Eli, Harold, and Lucy, to find the book, which he realizes never left Shadow Lights. Curious of their lineage, Eli, Harold, and Lucy travel to Shadow Lights. But with the day fading quickly, along with the king's army of Deorcs tailing them, the quest proves to be a suicide mission. Finding the Chronicles of Light is the only way for them to return home alive.

Chapter One: The Forbidden Crossing

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Shadow Li...
by Rita_Marga