No Harm List [g.d]
By usefulkidz
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Blue Charleston is your normal young adult, with a good job at the local hospital and a good best friend. One day when Blue goes to her bank she is held at gunpoint but, quickly the robbers flee in fear after studying Blue's face. Blue is later informed that she was apart of a "No Harm List." Formulated by the country's top gang leaders. She is not allowed to be harmed or injured in any way by gang members or else the punishment was simply death. But, the problem is Blue doesn't know any gang members, let alone leaders. Little does Blue know someone she used to love is the biggest gang leader in the country and placed her name as #1. Her high school sweetheart, Grayson Dolan. WARNING OF: VIOLENCE WARNING USE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS BRIEF LANGUAGE

Chapter 1

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No Harm L...
by usefulkidz