The Light of Miera:...
By WriterMashashy
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(Epic Fantasy/LGBT Romance) COMPLETED & EDITING With the creation of the Valnyr Galaxy, the Guardians vowed never to interfere with the affairs of the mortal realm. However, when sinister forces seek to steal the power of the Manastream, Alamantra's Guardian finds that some oaths are easier to keep than others. Life is about to change for the citizens of Freya as a blight sweeps across the land, corrupting the mana held within their bodies. Princess Arafrey finds herself stripped of all she holds dear, alone on the frontlines. However, there is hope as guards Reyla and Tharin take on a quest from the Gods to cure the sickness, leaving Freya to traverse the Ten Kingdoms in search of The Hand of Miera. But will they be able to find it in time? Meanwhile, in the East, The Duran Empire marshals their forces as the Emperor seeks to invade the starved desserts of Sudra. But the Sudra hold a terrible secret and Queen Nymati will not go down without a fight. * * * Imagine if Tim Burton and Joss Whedon got together to make a story to rival Full Metal Alchemist or Fairy Tail: that's my writing style. I hit some pretty deep topics but I try keep it light and entertaining. Trigger Warnings/Mature Content: I will post trigger warnings at the beginning of scenes to warn people, but let's make a list here just to be sure. Sex, survivors guilt, suicide, rape, murder, gay/lesbian sex, masturbation, assault, torture, addiction... There maybe more I missed, let me know if you feel I should add anything else. Cover image credits: Galaxy: Vector:

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The Light...
by WriterMashashy