The Light of Miera
By WriterMashashy
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(Epic Fantasy/LGBT Romance) Alamantra is in turmoil. Sickness ravages the West as the Duran Empire rises in the East, but all is not lost. Two Frey set off on a quest to find The Hand of Miera in hopes of curing the sickness, but will they be able to save everyone before the Empire comes? * * * Imagine if Tim Burton and Joss Whedon got together to make a story to rival Full Metal Alchemist or Fairy Tail: that's my writing style. I hit some pretty deep topics but I try keep it light and entertaining. My aim is to release a scene every Friday. I have several chronic ailments so this may not be possible but I am going to try my best to get ahead so I can keep to schedule :) This is a work in progress. I have thoroughly planned out the story and completed most of it but I'm still on my first draft. It's my first major project so feel free to comment as I'd like to some input. Trigger Warnings/Mature Content: I will post trigger warnings at the beginning of scenes to warn people, but let's make a list here just to be sure. Sex, survivors guilt, suicide, rape, murder, gay/lesbian sex, masturbation, assault, torture, addiction... There maybe more I missed, let me know if you feel I should add anything else. Cover image credits: Galaxy: Vector:

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The Light...
by WriterMashashy