Let Me Love You
By HennyMSagui
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What if living alone or with your best friend...turns out to be the best thing has ever happened? What if in the other side of the world, surrounded by thousands of screaming girls...the love of your life is waiting? What if he spots you, and does the impossible to get you? But what if there's someone willing to stop that? After all, no matter the fame, they're normal teens, right? Leila convinced her best friend, Jennifer, to attend a One Direction signing at the Warner Center in New York City. Without knowing the Irish-British boy band she starts falling in love with 1/5 of the band, Harry Styles. Harry seems to feel the same way for Jennifer, but would his crazy and busy life give some time for him to be in a relationship? After all...he has never been into a real one before. Meet the most amazing boy band. Meet the crazy Directioner who changed their lives, by introducing them their true love. Meet Mar, Alana, Pia, Skyler, and Jennifer. And discover how a single instant, could change so many lives...

She's A Directioner

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Let Me Lo...
by HennyMSagui