Violaceous (Avenger...
By imaginesloki
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Gia Carmen was abducted by Hydra a long time ago. But not so long ago that she couldn't remember her parents. She knew them. She remembered their faces and that she had a family, but it was taken away from her. Being one of Strucker's experiments, she is strong. She makes friends along the way. The Maximoffs were the only ones who remained. One day, they were let out. That same day, Strucker gave up, but kept her. She finally escapes his grasp, but she's angry. She knew that the Maximoffs had the power to rescue their friends but they didn't. Hydra had done horrible things to her. She has lost her sense of morality. She doesn't know the difference between right or wrong. She's out for blood. She realizes a lot of things along the way. She finally falls within the Avengers' grasp and they contain her like the villain she is. But they can't tame her. Finally they give in and call the only other being that's used the mind stone. Loki Laufeyson. *DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS SUCH AS LOKI, STRUCKER OR THE AVENGERS. THE RIGHTS GO TO MARVEL. I ONLY OWN GIA CARMEN AND HER SURROUNDING CHARACTERS CREATED IN THIS STORY.

Chapter 1

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by imaginesloki