The Darkness Within...
By PerfectlyWrong0898
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What is love? And how is it obtained? ~~~ Amber and Shawn were best friends. Everyone but themselves knew that they were in love with each other but neither confessed. By the time both realized that it was now or was too late. On one bright evening Amber's life was stolen because of that, she was forced to leave. No explanation, no contact and no way out. Though, it shaped her into the woman she is today. "My past is like a rose with thorns, beautiful yet deadly." However, Shawn was happy because he was going to tell Amber and admit his love. It wasn't until late at night that he received a letter with only three words: 'I'm sorry, goodbye.' Amber had left. He waited and waited, hoping that maybe one day she'd be back. Years go by, and his love only blossomed. What a curse it was, no one could replace her. Now, in a bizarre situation, Amber and Shawn are brought back together. All should be perfect and happy in their worlds, right? Join them in the game we call life, as they discover themselves finding out hidden secrets from the ones they love and experience the love they felt once... again. But will Amber and Shawn get the happy ever after like Elizabeth and Mr Darcy? Read to find out! ~~~~~ Warning: Abuse and Mild Self- Harm. *I do not own any images used* Cover by a fellow selectioneer: @NnightDday 💙💙


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The Darkn...
by PerfectlyWrong0898