The Star of His Sky
By SofandSeth
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||Rank #3 in #breakups (Mar 13 2019)|| They say I'm the typical social bee. Probably the typical Regina G. Could get any guy I want, then all I do is flaunt. Hey, that's what they (the people) say. I like to think I'm like... You know, the nice popular girl. And I definitely do not flaunt. Hey, I'm Ambrosia Star, and you're reading my story. Enter Nick Summers, my best friend. He's the person I love the most in this world. And surprisingly, no, he is not popular. But do I care? Absolutely not. I couldn't care less. Honestly? It's better this way. And I don't know what happens to us in some time, say, in a few years or a few months. Would you stick around to find out?

(A/N) // Ello

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The Star...
by SofandSeth