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♧ bangtan series #6 ♧ "i fucking fell in love with an anonymous, yet i don't regret it one bit," chienne kim is a college student, studying law to be exact. despite being at a young age, the girl managed to get into law school, even competing against the wisest students there. pero isang bagay na hindi kilala ng mga tao, chienne kim is the older sister of dreamcatchers' chisae kim, yet she isn't interested at kpop. at all. namjoon monteverde is the leader of bangtan, carrying the weight since almost a decade ago. it has been his dream becoming a rapper when he was in school before, and when he finally achieves it, he secretly wishes to live a normal life, away from the privacy invading papz. hindi naman niya pinagsisisihan na naging myembro siya ng bangtan, pero minsan ay gusto lang niyang takasan ang buhay, to become like any other normal kid out there. superheroes, tv shows, politics, trivias and one secret chat. they found themselves falling for an anonymous.

anonymous ; prologue

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by hao_oxu