Life Of A Dropship...
By christian-h
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Logistics has always been the backbone of any military operation. This was true in the earliest wars in human history, and it is still true in the 24th century. At the eve of the next great battle against the Tarhinan separatists, the ISDF fleet is positioning it's assets, ranging from enormous carriers and battlecruisers to the tiny dropships that would rain down onto worlds occupied by the enemy, carrying their load of brave soldiers. Each and every one of these small crafts, barely large enough to carry an infantry squad and their equipment, is manned by a crew of three. We will join one of these crews on their journey. -------------------------------------------------- HIGHEST RANKS: #10 in adventure (Jan 30th, 2020) #12 in scifi (Jan 30th, 2020) #12 in sciencefiction (Jan 30th, 2020) © All rights reserved Cover picture source: free stock photo by LoganArt via Pixabay Cover Design: Kimberly Tanith Marie @KimberlyTanithMarie

Going Down

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Life Of A...
by christian-h