Chasing Harry - LS...
By justakiss22
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[CHASING THE MOMENTS SEQUEL] I left for a reason and I wasn't going to drag myself back into it. Growing a pair of balls, I took a deep breath and cleared my throat once more. "I came here to get a few things." I said, my voice sounding weak to my ears but, strong enough to convince Louis I really wasn't here for him―or was I? Snap out of it Harry, no; you are not. I knew if Louis was going to try and say something I might just break down right here and right now and bring him back with warm and opening arms, sinking myself back into this mess that I am trying to make sense of. I broke promises, I destroyed his trust in me and it's my entire fault. He didn't say anything, still standing there, frozen. Swallowing, I started walking past him until he slammed his hand flat on my chest; stopping me from walking any further. I slightly looked down, meeting his gaze, and holding my lips in a tight line. Louis shook his head, blinking rapidly. "That's all?" He croaked out. CHASING HARRY. checked marked as completed, July 10th, 2013

Chasing Harry; Sequel

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Chasing H...
by justakiss22