Orion (bxbxb)
By Tashistrying
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Long ago there were two brothers bound by blood however their souls were soaked in hatred so pure it radiated from their beings. Both shared an incredible power which legends claim were passed down from the gods themselves. As the years passed the small voice of greed that had settled in the back of each brothers mind began to grow and flourish. Each envied the other power and an insatiable lust for power began to eat away at the two. Their battle lasted years and thousands perished as families fled only to be torn apart by conflict... Every corner of the globe shook as the brothers sought the blood of their sibling until finally, it came to one large dramatic end. Both brothers cast the most powerful spell any magic user could think of. Tyrus Demonimo. With the spell, the ghost of their souls soared from their bodies the ice blue smashing against the fiery red in an eruption of sparks. The world fell silent as all froze terror struck the being of every living thing that walked the earth that day. Both brothers were destroyed their powers manifested into one orb which was stolen away by the gods in fear of its power. They kept it hidden away from prying eyes until the found someone worthy of its power... Thousands of years later the immense responsibility was given to the purest, strongest soul the gods had seen. Orion James Milan. On his eighth birthday, he was gifted with the power of the Kingsley twins but not without sacrifice. From that day forward...He ran. To Orion, this was no gift but instead a curse that took away everything he'd loved and wanted in the world. This gift destroyed his life...


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Orion (bx...
by Tashistrying