War of A Rose
By ERoseAuthor
  • Romance
  • betrayal
  • crime
  • love
  • mafia
  • maturelanguage
  • maturethemes
  • murder
  • romance


Rosaelia I was born princess to a mafia throne. My given birthright should have been to claim the throne. But because of tradition, it would never be mine. A female in my world would be nothing but quiet at her husbands side. Perhaps if I were any other woman, I would recognize my place, but I was the daughter of one of the highest families and I would be dammed to let a man claim my throne. An arranged marriage to Massimo Genovese, a man just as power hungry as her- would put an end to her rise to power. A marriage based solely on business between families. A tie between two families that Rosaelia would severe. A marriage that would stop Massimo from wiping Rosaelia's father out and becoming Capo himself. Marriage or not, Rosaelia vowed to be the first woman in this world to be respected the way her father was. Feared the way Massimo was. Even if it meant washing her hands in the blood of her own husband. Massimo and Rosaelia lived among criminals who loved to kill. Steal from the innocent and prey on the weak. In a world like theirs, love itself was the worst weakness of all. It makes you stupid and vulnerable. Showing love to someone meant inviting your enemies into your home for dinner. To them, love was impossible. Impossible until it was impossible to resist. •••••• A mafia story on Wattpad that breaks away from the stereotypical broken cruel man and innocent woman. Instead this books focuses on Rosaelia and the harsh reality of what it's like to be a woman in the mafia universe. So join this epic whirlwind of romance, betrayal and sacrifice.

War of A Rose • One

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War of A...
by ERoseAuthor