The Powerful Unknow...
By givemefreedom0
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Number 5 x reader (number 8) This could be interesting... Please don't hate on this as there is a chance that i will significantly change the storyline. I am still thinking about what I'm going to do though so feel free to message me with ideas, I won't necessarily use them but it would be very helpful for me as I either have way too many ideas and can't decide which to use or I have serious writers block. Thank you to anyone who does that xx Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, those rights go to the creators of the comics and Netflix. I however do one y/n (or number 8) and her actions in this book (I don't own you but you know lmao). WARNINGS: -this is based of the Netflix series of The Umbrella Academy -may contain spoilers -there may be violence and other triggering subjects so read at your own risk -some strong language is used Quick note: I do use the numbers only in the first chapter because it's easier than listing all the names. I will use their actual names in future chapters though. I'm so proud to call myself a member of this fandom. I believe I started this book (I'm not certain) on the 18/19th February 2019 I never expected it to get this far as before that point I'd never had a book reach 1K. Not even on my old (now deleted) account after months. I want to thank you all for reading or even considering reading as you're all incredible and have made me so happy, especially with your comments. All the comments have made me laugh so much and I love you all. That's all, I hope you enjoy :) Highest: #2 in #numberfive #3 in #theumbrellaacademy #1 in #idek!! #1 in #number8!!

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The Power...
by givemefreedom0