Before I Die (Percy...
By MarshmalowMilkshake
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The war with Gaea is over. Percy returns home to find Sally and Paul missing. He's just sixteen, so the police find someone to take him in until his mother is found. Tony Stark was not expecting to find that he had a nephew; nor that said nephew was a terrorist, according to SHIELD. What side is he to choose, his work- with the Avengers(with SHIELD), or this boy- his chance at having a family? Likewise, the Avengers are also surprised. Percy is keeping secrets, and they don't know if they can trust him. Is he dangerous? Or could he become part of their ragtag family? Perhaps both? Something is happening to Percy- and Nico Di Angelo might be the only one who can help Annabeth keep everything together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most Impressive Ranking: #12 in percyjackson Achieved on April 16th, 2019 #7 in percyjackson Achieved May 22nd, 2019 #1 in thor Achieved June 5th, 2019 #1 in avengers Achieved June 9th, 2019 ~~~~~excerpt~~~~~ "Brother, what if the other gods learn of this?" "They will fear him. They will fear him in a way that only cowards can fear someone weaker than them." "What will they do to him? If they discover his power, what will they do?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Demigods- especially powerful demigods- have these things called fatal flaws. Annabeth, you've met her, hers is hubris. A common one. Do you want to know what mine is?" Nico has a voice that demands you be afraid. Not like someone pushing you- like someone gently taking your hand and pulling you off a cliff. Nico began to speak again in that same voice. "Mine is grudges. I hold grudges." He leaned in closer. "Don't make me angry." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own the characters, they belong to Marvel and Rick Riordan. Cover art is also not mine. I just thought it fit nicely. However, the plot this fanfic takes is TOTALLY mine and I'm proud. Chapters average at just over 2,000 words each. Current word count is 78,840(as of part 36)

1: My Parents are Missing! Yippee!

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Before I...
by MarshmalowMilkshake