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When the kingdom of Heilgarðr is invaded by an unknown force from beyond the sea, Prince Eldfÿr rushes for help from allied lands. Little does he know, their situation is not that far from Heilgarðr's own fate. With no safe haven for the free people of Esnar, an unlikely fellowship is formed to seek out the legendary Vuelie, a magical artifact said to have the ability to tip the balance of even the direst of wars. But the Vuelie hasn't been seen for thousands of years, and none of the living know its location or what it is... Can Esnar be saved from destruction before it's too late? [THIS IS A ROUGH FIRST DRAFT] ©All rights reserved 2019 Vuelie is a work of fiction which spawned somewhere in the darkest depths of my imagination. Any resemblance to real-life or fictional events or persons is purely coincidental. This beautiful cover was made by the amazing @Tweeter109! Sending her lots of love 💝

Esnar and Surrounding Isles

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