Talking Body
By milaaxr
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" You know, people say that there's one world, but when I look into your eyes, I see two. " •••••• Jeon Jungkook. Has the brains. The talent. You'd expect him to be the most popular boy in school. But that's not the way it works in his college. Kim Taehyung. Athletic. Closed off. And has the smouldering looks. He plans to one day leave his father's dreams to go pursue his own. The only thing in the way of that is his grades? So what does he get? A tutor. Typical story of boy falls in love with tutor. Yes. But with everything else in between. And you know, you can start a new passion, but always rekindle an old flame. Top↑ tae bottom↓ kook Cover by: @AEGUKKJI-

oH rEaLlY?¿‽

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Talking B...
by milaaxr