Bloodlines: Masked...
By Squeaks7
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There is a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ Rafe Morgan had his life figured out, his very long immortal life. And it was exactly how he liked it. As one of the few remaining in an ancient line of Fae, he lived his life beholding to no one, exactly the way he liked it. He wasn't a Heritage, bound by generations of upbringing to be the best of Charmed society. He wasn't a Corrupted, descendants of the worst of the worst villain's of all time. He was a Grey, caught somewhere in the middle of it all. Greys couldn't be bothered to care one way or the other, mostly keeping to themselves. He liked it that way. At least, he thought he did until fate or the gods or some cosmic event sent a fiery, ill-tempered woman his direction. Finley Aberdeen led a busy life. Between classes and work, she had no time for distractions. Especially not in the form of attachments, at least not to anything other than her best friend, Griff, and her volunteering. She lived a life of service, helping others. After all, that's what household faeries did. They helped those around them. At least she thought so. She couldn't say for sure seeing she couldn't remember much about her past. And she was alright with that. Life was good until she smacked into an arrogant, obnoxious Grey who thought he owned the world. Neither Rafe nor Finley appreciated the kismet moment they met. But their lives and those of the charmed world may very well depend on them learning to get along. After all, you can't fight fate. Or can you?

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by Squeaks7