Form and Void
By am_too_not
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When magic bounty hunter Caren learns her childhood boyfriend was killed in a mass murder carried out by a mind-controlled mob, she goes looking for the truth--and revenge. FORM AND VOID is a switchblade-and-sorcery web serial released weekly, co-written by a trans woman and a nonbinary person, for all the trans kids out there who loved Harry Potter but are all grown up now, and damn disappointed in J.K. Rowling, and ready to see people like themselves as the (anti-)heroes of a gritty, hard-hitting contemporary fantasy saga. CW: Pretty much everything. You can also read on our site at, where we link content warning breakdowns at the beginning of every episode.

EPISODE ONE (Prologue: Luke) - "The Longest Night"

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Form and...
by am_too_not