Diaries of a Broke...
By mercedesforever
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Cynthia Cheval an 18-year old African-American high school graduate she didn't believe her teachers when they told her life starts after school ends she wants to travel the world and meet new people explore the world just like most young adults would love to do. But Cynthia has to help her ill mother and look after her little brother Kyle so that plan she has for her life is on hold. She is faced with a lot of life altering experiences and changes and with mouths to feed and rent and bills piling up and no work skills to fall back on. Cynthia finds a quick way to make money and pay her debts off she meets Chance he's a hustler and he helps with her audition for club " Red" its an exclusive gentleman's club for high powered celebrities, entrainment executives. And thier is Noah.. he tries helping Cynthia on a diffrent path will he succeed? or will Cynthia fall into the " Hollywood Trap?" and with the beauty and the booty will she find a man that's worthy? ....

Entry #1

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Diaries o...
by mercedesforever