Above All Else
By Babezcanwrite
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3 years after Ava and Shawn's love story began, the couple finds themselves facing new challenges and foes. ***** Ava McAdams' life changed forever when she fell in love with underground fighter Shawn Michaels. Now 3 years later, their bond is stronger than ever and Ava is looking forward to building a future with the man she loves. College is behind her, Shawn has created a successful fighting career and life seems almost perfect. But happily ever after isn't without its complications. As Shawn prepares for the fight of his career, unexpected difficulties and secrets from the past confront them at every turn. The pressure is building but Ava has to believe their connection is strong enough to withstand anything. After all, their love has never been without risk, and Shawn and Ava know some things are just worth fighting for. [[Word Count: 90,000 - 100,000]] Cover designed by Ren T Book 2 in the Underground series

Chapter 1

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Above All...
by Babezcanwrite