Simply Electric (On...
By _Lexii018_
  • Teen Fiction
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  • electrokinesis
  • familyproblems
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Highest rankings!!!!!! #2 in villainsarepeopleto #3 in electric #5 in supers ------------------------------ *****Currently undergoing major editing and rewriting at the moment!!****** Olivia McAlister is the youngest in a family of famous superheroes, her brothers being the most popular superhero's gains her some unwanted attention at school, her problem? She has no powers, or so she thought, will she follow her parents plan lay out for her? Or will her short temper and fired up personality send her on a different path? Will her new found powers help her become the hero her family wants her to be? Or will she turn, and become the villain that will destroy them all? Only time will tell. (Plz give this book a try, I suck at intros but I think my book is pretty good, plz give it a chance!!)

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Simply El...
by _Lexii018_