Two Cream, No Sugar
By MustangSabby
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COMPLETE ⭐️WINNER of a 2019 Watty in the Romance category⭐️ ⭐️Featured as a Wattpad Editor's Choice pick July - September 2019⭐️ For Gretchen, it was just supposed to be one night. Let loose, have a one-night stand with her fantasy man in Sin City, say good-bye in the morning and go back to their respective lives. A fun memory she could pull out when she needed to remember she could be spontaneous, instead of the boring, workaholic, and sensible woman her best friend Sharla always teased her about. Joshua didn't expect to find a distraction to his demotion from the MLB sitting beside him in an airport, but there she was, a blonde firecracker waiting to go off. It would be one night where he could let down his guard and forget about his tanking career, and enjoy a night with gorgeous woman in Vegas, before the work to rebuild his batting average starts. But by the next morning, all bets are off, and the game is just getting started! * Two Cream, No Sugar is a contemporary, adult-oriented love story about taking risks, and finding more than you bargained for in the moment. It is a story about the possibilities in life, and the decisions we make with our heart. This is my third novel.

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Two Cream...
by MustangSabby