You Help Me Live (C...
By TypeisLife
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Camila is used to being alone. Ever since her mom and sister died, it's only been her and her dad. With her dad being an abusive jerk, she tends to keep her distance. She moves around a lot, and never has time for friends. She keeps to herself and doesn't talk much. It's not that she's shy, it's just that she's been hurt to many times. When she goes to her new school and begins having feelings for the trouble-making, rule- breaking, bad-ass of a student Lauren Jauregui, she begins to question everything about herself. Lauren is just a girl who is out-spoken and fun. She's not big on following rules, and she doesn't care what people think. When she starts having feelings for Camila, she wonders if it will ruin her image. Will she be able to keep her bad-girl, not caring, persona if she's in a relationship? Read to find out who is really helping who live. -'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'- I know I suck at descriptions, but just read a little and then decide if it's worth it.

You Help Me Live

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You Help...
by TypeisLife