The Kingka: Park Ch...
By ongjongie
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Willow Kim, your typical "unpopular nerd", is used to the constant teasing and bullies she receives at school, especially from one person in particular: Park Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol, the epitome of a good-looking, rich asshole that finds pleasure in making fun of others. It can't be hard to lay low and ignore him and the rest of his friends for the rest of the school year, right? However, Chanyeol starts being nice to her, and it leaves Willow in a state of confusion. Will Willow accept Chanyeol's change in heart and make a mends with him, or will she hate him even more for it? Read on to find out the hardships the two go through, all while trying to figure out their feelings along the way. -------- [Book cover made by @meronggie_]

[Author's Note]

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The Kingk...
by ongjongie