The Witch x One pie...
By Lavenderblue6
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SLOW UPDATE!!!! Paricipate in the 2019 watty Award (joining in for fun though hahaha) (8/4/19) Highest rank #1 in Luffy Highest rank #1 in onepiecefanfiction Highest rank #1 in dressrosa (29/4/19) Highest rank #1 in Sanji Highest rank #1 in ussop (10/7/19) Highest rank #1 in Chopper Mariana D.Mizuna is an otaku girl who got transferred to the world of one piece. Follow her journey in this world along with her mission to return back her real world. But while she is in this world, one by one of the character falls for her. How is she gonna be able to leave this world now that she is grow rather too fond of them. "Journey takes you far away from home but adventure lead you to your destiny" ~ Mariana D. Mizuna ~ (original quote belongs to C.S Lewis) I do not own all of the one piece character except mizuna. Date published: 15/2/19 Status: ongoing Date finished: ??/??/???? Update/published - Randomly so be sure to put this on your story so that you will know that I updated;)

Mizuna Description

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The Witch...
by Lavenderblue6