Yakuza Boy: Or the...
By MaddieCakesx3
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The heavy smell of cigarette smoke couldn't even mask the metallic smell of aged blood beneath the floor boards. These were dangerous men. Boys with knives and painted skin.. ~ We laid in the darkened room letting the comfortable silence cover us. His tattooed hand lightly stroked the moist skin of my arm. Yuji was beautiful.. "I'm going to hell..." He said nonchalantly. My eyes danced along his strong jawline and shoulder length, tapered hair. Currents of silky, onyx hair. "I've touched such a pure soul with unclean hands..." He sat up, climbed to his feet and grabbed his silk robe from the door, concealing the Oni and blossoms that adorned his back. [Completed 02/27/20] *************************************************** Warning: This book is rated M for mature. This novel will include sexual situations, violence, and crude language. Let's try to be adults about this. If I catch you copying my book, I'll sue.

Chapter 1

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Yakuza Bo...
by MaddieCakesx3