The Cinderella Brid...
By WrittenInMyHeart
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{NaNoWriMo14} THIS IS UNEDITED, RUSHED AND REALLY REALLY BAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK CAUSE THIS ISNT MY BEST WORK. Ava Montgomery works at Bloomsbury Cafe in Manhattan. Carter Richmond is the heir to Richmond Corp one of the biggest companies in the country. Now, why would two very different people from very different backgrounds even breathe the same air? Well, you see, George Montgomery, Ava's father had recently passed and with his passing, he has left a two point five million dollar debt to the only daughter willing enough to pay it. Carter had just recently earned himself an ultimatum. A chance meeting with Carter an old childhood friend of hers will help them get what they want. Carter offers to remove Ava's entire debt and make her life easier if she agrees to marry him but on one condition. She must not fall in love with him. It seems reasonable since Carter is not the kind of guy Ava would be interested in but opposites do attract. And an ordinary girl thrown in a world full of glitz and glamour is definitely not a perfect mix.

The Cinderella Bride

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The Cinde...
by WrittenInMyHeart