The Invisible Unive...
By ZacAndrews
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What lies beyond the senses? What secrets have been hidden from you due to your physical limitations? Is the universe as empty as it seems? Are we alone? Dr Thomas Clark has just made a discovery that will answer all of those questions... Hope you enjoy this collection of Sci-Fi short stories starting with "The Invisible Universe" I would love to hear from you. "Traction" The deafening sound of roaring engines. The smell of burning rubber. The rush of the wind, pushing against you at every turn... You don't get these on The Moon, but you do get 400kmh. Racing on The Moon, what could be better? "Alpha Division" In the distant future the human race has spread across the stars, forming colonies on many habitable worlds in a golden age of exploration. However, humanity soon learns that the universe is a hostile place and that they must fight to keep what is theirs. Fresh out of training, Rickey is plunged into the heart of war against a never before seen alien race and to make matters worse he's been placed in the infamous Alpha Division, humanity's first into battle shock troops. Rickey must fight alongside his fellow recruits in bloody battle to push back the enemy on a distant mining world. He's passed the training and survived the simulations but will he manage to keep his cool when the danger is real?

Part 1

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The Invis...
by ZacAndrews