Hybrid (BOOK 1)
By skylerFrey
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Power. Greed. Bitterness. Revenge! Ethan Bridge would do anything to get back at all the people who hurt him in his lifetime. So with the help of very powerful allies he creates 'gifts' to give to people who would then become his army. He was certain that his army would help him accomplish his plans for revenge! But what about Skyler Ortega? A selfish woman who thought of one person and one person only; herself. She received this gift by mistake; would she use it to embrace the darkness or use it to create a better version of herself? The peace of her city and maybe even the world depended on her decision. Would she be the hero everyone would need? Credits for book cover go to @zoe_x_elyse

Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Hybrid (B...
by skylerFrey