Ever After | Gusion...
By -SomeoneOdd-
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gusion × guinevere ❝only you can keep the fire in me burning.❞ ~♡~ Like a moth drawn to a flame, he was immediately obsessed and inspired by her unique magical abilities. His passion in combining weapons and magic grew and became out of hand, going against his family's wishes and rules. Eventually having been apprehended by them, he left to pursue his passion. Marking his past as simply history. But, like every love story, he meets the girl whom he had once aspired to be. Once again, he was somehow more drawn to her. For many years, she has been spending time with the Paxley Nobles, a neighbouring, rich and powerful family. She had grew fond of them, especially towards her old friend. However they had stopped visiting for awhile so that she could focus on her superb talent and put it to efficient use. But the relations between the families was still strong once they had arranged a immediate marriage between her and a child of theirs. Somehow, the fondness she once had towards the Paxleys had faded away and now she only wished to escape the presence of everyone. Escape her current life as Miss Violet. ~♡~ started ; 10 - 2 - 19 ended ; - warning; cringe and cliche story personal headcanons and my own expansion of their lore a book that I update like once every month or two, lol. cover edited by : @Nikki_AintOrdinary cover art by : @sumi_bum on ig uwu

Miss Violet

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Ever Afte...
by -SomeoneOdd-