The Ancient Alpha K...
By Ho_Lee_Hecc
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Rumours say he's lived for over 1000 years, roaming the earth searching for what he could call his, a mate, he's the oldest living wolf alive today. Rhydian Alexandrov is known for his brutality and merciless killing right across the world feared for the way he lives life, people say no one has ever seen him, some say they have but didn't live to tell the tale, they were killed on the spot. People don't dare talk about him around the public eye, since it's shunned, if you're caught you get killed by his henchmen. Armarni King a Lycanthrope princess the blonde that never had a childhood her father ripped it away from her, abused by her father since she was just a little girl, turned into just a weapon used for war. Her mother and her best friend are the only ones who care for he, who she can show feelings to. She walks in the streets and get glares off everyone, but that has never bothered her. People are scared of her but she is scared of no one, but 'him.' But what is she hiding from the world? She is one of the most powerful beings out there along side Rhydian. What will happen when Rhydian the merciless killer and Armarni the war weapon meet? Will fate be nice and bring them together or will fate just rip them apart before they even have the chance to get to know each other? ---- Book 1 of 3 of The Ancient series.

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The Ancie...
by Ho_Lee_Hecc